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CovidSafe™ is designed to provide anyone working in the food or beverage service industry with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and control risk of transmission of COVID-19. This will help protect themselves, their co-workers, and their guests.

We first take a brief look at the virus that causes COVID-19, then at the many ways COVID-19 can be spread within a food or beverage premises and the many things staff must know and do to prevent that spread. We also look at specific risks and strategies for those in roles such as preparing food, table service, dishwashing, processing take-out orders, and receiving payment.

This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. There are 3 short quizzes along the way, and a final quiz which covers the entire course. A 100% grade must be obtained in each quiz to achieve Course Completion. Access to the course content and the number of quiz retakes is unlimited for 30 days after initial activation.

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