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CovidSafe Online Course for Food & Beverage Industry Staff

Covidsafe™ Online Course for Food & Beverage Staff and Managers– Register Today!

Canada’s leading provider of FoodsafeTM is pleased to present the CovidSafeTM course for use throughout Canada.

CovidSafe was created by Canadian Public Health Inspectors to serve two essential purposes:

  • Protect public health by providing food and beverage industry staff with knowledge and skills needed to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Solutions for receiving, storing, preparing, and serving foods or beverages are discussed, plus dishwashing, surface sanitizing, take-out meals and much more. CovidSafe addresses many of the common problems observed by Public Health Inspectors which could result in transmission of COVID-19.
  • Support the food and beverage industry. Many customers are reluctant to eat foods prepared by others, dine out, or even to bring take-out food into their homes. Seeing a CovidSafe decal at the entrance will reassure customers that their food, dining experience (where permitted), and take-out packaging are as safe as possible.

Door or window decals provided upon completion will let guests know staff inside have received training specifically designed to help minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Completion certificates are also provided for on-site display.

Just $39.99 each, or $29.99 each for 3 or more! Approximately 2 hours to complete including section quizzes and final exam.  Course access available for 30 days.

Sample Covidsafe™ door or window decal received upon completion of Covidsafe™ Online Course
CovidSafeTM door or window decal

CovidSafe is priced with the current state of the industry fully in mind. This essential training must be as accessible as possible.

Please note that CovidSafe does not discuss how to arrange tables or provide physical barriers to maximize seating while maintaining adequate physical distance. This challenge is unique to each premises and is not the focus of this course. 


CovidSafe™ was coordinated by Keith Herle B.A., B.Sc.(Microbiology), CPHI(C)

CovidSafe™ was coordinated by Keith Herle B.A., B.Sc.(Microbiology), CPHI(C)

  • Certified Public Health Inspector / Environmental Health Officer, inspecting restaurants and other food premises for over 15 years.
  • Instructor in the Public Health Inspector training program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology for the past 10 years.
  • Director of ADVANCE Continuing Education Ltd, BC’s leading provider of food safety training, where over 100,000 students have been taught FOODSAFETM by our instructors (who are all Public Health Inspectors) since 2003.

*CovidSafeTM has been reviewed by Public Health Inspectors currently working in the front line against COVID-19.